Catering Service company in Nigeria

Benefits of catering service from the best catering Service Company in Nigeria

Benefits of catering service from the best catering Service Company in Nigeria

Catering service can be referred to as a service that delivers food to a client’s location, and may also cook and serve it on site. Options of catering services ranges from full-service caterers that cook, deliver, set up and serve at an event.

Organizing an event sometimes can prove to be very challenging to many people. Hence, the need to understand the different types of catering services as it is key to planning and finally holding a successful event for your guests.


It is essential that you first familiarize yourself with the available options when planning for one.

Each catering service is different from the other in terms of the mode of service, pricing and the number of caterers.

Before settling on a particular catering service, ask yourself the following questions; what is the size of my budget? What is the number of the expected guests? What is the type of my event?

What is the season or the time of the year? Taking into consideration these factors will help you choose the service that suits your event. Let us take a look at seven main catering services that you should know.

  1. Wedding Catering

A wedding is an event that can integrate different types of catering services, depending on if it is a simple wedding or one that is huge and classy.

With a simple wedding, there will be less of catering services i.e. you can have the caterers move around with plates of meals and drinks serving your guests with their favorites.

The number of caterers will be fewer than those at a classy wedding. Also, a huge wedding will cost more since the number of caterers will be more.

They move around serving the guests, a buffet can  also be put in place for the guests to serve themselves the meals of their choice.

  • Cooperate Catering

Corporate catering is an event where the caterer provides service for a cooperate group that is gathered somewhere for that particular company’s matters.

Most companies hold cooperate events to discuss matters regarding their company.

The caterer can have people serving the guests with their favorite meals and drinks, since corporate meetings do not usually involve a large group of people.

  • Buffet Catering

In this type of catering, different types of dishes are put in metallic storages that have some fire beneath, heating the food in moderate heat, to keep it warm until the event closes.

They are arranged in a line and the guests serve themselves with the dish of their choice. This type of catering service allows the guests to mingle freely and can really save on budget and time.

  • Sit-Down Catering

This type of catering involves the guests sitting down on their respective seats while the caterer has people moving around with trays of food or drinks.

The caterers go asking the guests what they would love to take, and come back later with their meals and drinks.

This type of  catering service is usually time consuming and a bit expensive and suitable for an elegant event.

  • Food Truck Catering

In this type of catering service, a truck is customized to make it a kitchen, where food is prepared, depending on the order.

Food truck catering is most suitable for social gatherings that have a smaller number of guests, gathered out in the field or the street.

They mainly serve fast food and drinks. Food truck catering is fast, hence saving on time.

Food trucks are do not involve many caterers, hence it is cheap. They also save on budget since chances of food wastage are minimal.

  • Office Delivery Catering

Office delivery catering is when a caterer prepares food somewhere far from the office, packs it in disposable wares and delivers it to the office of the person who ordered for it.

The person orders the food via a call to the caterer or through their mobile phone application and pays after the food has been delivered depends on which the caterer is okay with.

The list of catering services is endless. The type of service you choose for your event will depend on how you want your event to feel like.

The companies providing these services are so many, so you can choose the one with a very good rating and friendly to your pocket.

You do not want your guests to leave disappointed with the kind of service offered to them. Therefore, consider working with good caterers and you will love their service.


  1. Reduces stress
    As we said earlier, planning an event requires a lot of time and effort. From decorations and invitations to food and all. There are a lot of things to put into making an event complete.

A catering company can assist you in planning for one of the major item which is food. A lot of thoughts are done regarding what to serve at an event which can be stressful.

Catering companies are there to ease this worry and do justice to the hard work.

  1. It Save Time

 if you do not have to plan, cook, and serve food, imagine how much time that will save.

Trying to figure out what to cook, going to the grocery store, cooking for hours, setting up and serving the food… this takes a lot of time. And when you are planning an event, time is precious.

  1. Offers Varieties of Menu
    With a catering company, these questions like what to serve at your event? Not sure how to prepare or present what you want to make? Will have simple answers.

A caterer sits down with you and explains every detail of what will be served to your guests.

Whether you pick something off a detailed menu or have specific requests, a caterer can adapt to make your vision a reality.

  1.  Pay Attention to Detail
    As a catering company, we have the skills and experience to make your vision a reality.

we take time to perfect and present your food and beverage options in a way that will wow your guests.

  1. Make a Statement

What else can be more than having your guest with a lasting impression.

When an event is catered, It makes an event feel more important and structured.

Be it a private event like a birthday, anniversary, reunion; a special day like a wedding; or a significant event like a business gathering, having a catering company on-site tells that you took time to really make the event special.

The attention to detail you pay from hiring a caterer will shine through to guests

These are just five reasons to hire a catering company, and there are many more.

Letting off the food responsibilities of your event to a catering company can let you focus on other essentials.


Green symbolizes LIFE; with a touch of green your celebration is alive.

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